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Kannada Sangha Toronto 

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Mission:  Kannada Sangha Toronto shall be the foremost non-profit socio-cultural organization to foster the culture of Karnataka, India in the Greater Toronto Area.


Objectives of the Kannada Sangha, Toronto:

  • Foster the culture of Karnataka in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Promote the spirit of friendship and co-operation among people of Karnataka origin.
  • Encourage youth of Karnataka origin to develop cultural identity.
  • To represent the cultural and social interests of members of the organization.
  • Assist new immigrants to integrate into Canadian society.
  • Provide assistance to the larger communities in times of need.
  • Collaborate with other associations in North America in matters of common interest.
  • Keep members informed in the areas of interest by effective means of communication.
  • Present performing artists, movies, other cultural programs and invite visiting dignitaries, cultural and business delegations with a view to promote and propagate the culture of Karnataka.



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