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Kannada Sangha Toronto 

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Mission:  Kannada Sangha Toronto shall be the foremost non-profit socio-cultural organization to foster the culture of Karnataka, India in the Greater Toronto Area.


Kannada Sangha is a non-profit social and cultural organization catering to the people who have a close affinity to the Kannada language and the culture of Karnataka, India.

Following are some key Kannada Sangha events by year:

  • 1987 - Organized a Canada-U.S. Kannada conference in Toronto. About 500 people from Canada, U.S. and India participated.
  • 1988 - organized a series of leadership training sessions for youth.
  • 1989 - organized a conference for youth of South Asian origin.
  • 1990 - initiated a volunteer service program to help new immigrants and other members in need. Has been very successfull in providing information, settlement facilities for new immigrants and establishment of social networks.

  • 1991 - organized an open discussion forum for youth to express their needs and the problems they face. Organized Seminars on Financial Planning.

  • In 1991/92 one of our youth was recognized as "Junior Citizen Of Ontario" for her community activities and leadership. A number of our members have been nominated for volunteer service awards by the Ministry of Citizenship.

  • 1993 - Organized a successful Bharatanatyam program by the well known artist from our own community, Lata Pada. Organized numerous cultural programs by local and visiting artists.

  • 1995 - Organized a summer school on Bharatanatyam by a visiting Guru from India, staged a very successful show Purandara Vandana by local and visiting artists.

  • Hosted reception to new Canadian Citizens at the Citizenship court. Cooperated with other community organizations to put up multicultural events.

  • Kannada Network of Toronto was put in to high gear to provide information assistance to large number of new immigrants.

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